President’s Message (April 2011)

The Lions Club of Waterford had a real full agenda at their regular March meeting. There were a number of items that were discussed and approved that I feel are important to share with the membership.

Parade Theme Announced: Lion C. Lotzer announced that “A Salute to America’s Heroes” was selected as the theme for the July 4th Parade.

H & C Show: At our Board meeting we recognized Lions Hinrichs, Carr, J. Lotzer, McCullion, Gross, Cain, Brandow, Johnson, Bergersen, Lanting, O'Connell, and Raasch for representing the club in our booth at H & C Show.  We gave away some BBQ tickets, promoted the car show, shared “Diabetes Alert” and  “YesIWillWisconsin” organ donation information, and solicited new members. I am optimistic that the latter will result in at least one new member.

New Members: The Board voted to approve club membership for Roy Kenast and Nathan Libbey and they will be inducted at our April 14th meeting.  I would encourage strong participation to welcome these new members. Also, those of you that did not have an opportunity to meet new member Lion Cyndi Stoebich during her induction last month, this would be a good time to meet her.

Car Show: Lion Mike Hobach attended the Board meeting and we recognized him for his work on our website and for arranging for the car show registration to be included on this site.  If you have not checked out Lion Mike’s work (with Lion Cain’s flyer), go to http://www.waterfordlionsclub.org/2011-car-show/. We also had a good discussion about the merits of registering online for the car show and paying through a Paypal account. The Board approved a Paypal account for the club so Lion Treasurer Schrack and Lion Hobach will be getting their heads together on setting that up.

Posting the Newsletter on the Website: Discussion was also held on the idea of posting the club newsletter on the club’s website. After initially talking only about member access, the club voted to provide the contents for anyone to view.  Lion C. Lotzer and Lion Hobach will be getting that organized.

Highway Pickup: Since Lion Hobach was present to represent the highway clean-up committee, we took advantage of the opportunity to schedule the first clean-up.  The date selected was April 30th with May 14th as a rain date.  We will start the day as usual with breakfast at McDonalds.

Vision and Hearing Screening Volunteers:  The club has inquired about volunteering our assistance with the Waterford Graded School District vision and hearing screenings in grades K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th.  District nurse, Jill Sheeley welcomed the assistance, noting the screenings were typically done between January and April.  This year only grade seven vision screening still needs to be done at the Fox River School.  The Board decided the most efficient approach was for Lions that were interested in volunteering to contact Jill directly at 262-424-2868.  Be sure to note you are representing the Waterford Lions if you contact her to volunteer.  If you want more information before contacting Jill, feel free to contact me.  In thinking about later, I also realized this would be a great activity to team on with the Lioness.

River Rhythms Concert Food Concession: Lion Schrack reported to the Board on the securing June 2nd for our RR food concession.  Lions Ciezki, Brandow, Johnson, Raasch and Carr volunteered to organize the activity.  However, all club members are welcome to show up to help and eat.

Four Lions for Four Hours: Lion Schrack is working on dates with the high bidder.  Lion Slauson is our only volunteer to date.  Lion O’Connell announced at the Board meeting that if we had more Lions volunteer, we could reduce the number of hours.  Interestingly, he did not volunteer.

Funds Distributed: Waterford Youth Baseball - $250 to sponsor a team and $100 for sign rental; Lions Camp for Kids Raffle – Ten raffle tickets for $10/ ticket ($100); Racine County Girl Scouts Summer Camp – motion to duplicate last year’s donation; Norway Church Food Pantry - $300 (Lions Ciezki, Johnson Brandow volunteered to shop for the nonperishable); Lions Camp Counselor Packages ­­­- motion to duplicate last year’s donation.

More News: Lion Miller has shared his new e-mail address. He can be reached at (hidden in online publication). Send Lion Miller a note welcoming him to our e-mail group. Also, thanks to Lion McCullion for the wall repair at Whitford Park. He does some great work.

Lion President Gary Tilleros

Looking Back Over 50 years (April 2011)

July 17, 1969 Board Meeting Minutes – The annual chicken bbq grossed $1,247.49 (Note that according to the inflation factor that would be $7,522.64 in 2011 dollars.)

December 4, 1969 Board Meeting Minutes – Lion Bennett reported for the snow mobile committee. We can use the 18 acres behind Gushl’s station.  Work crews will lay out the track and drive posts on Saturday, December 6th.

April 2, 1970 Board Meeting Minutes – Lion Hense reported on the possibility of buying the Ford Theater.  No decision was reached.

September 9, 1970 – Lion Mehring reported that we could buy the Ford Theater for $10,000 and it was appraised at $25,000.

November 5, 1970 – Lion Mehring stated that he had received back the offer to purchase which has been signed for the Ford Theater. Lion Bremer is in the process of taking care of the abstract.

March 4, 1971 – Lion Gauger reported that the Grand Opening of the Ford Theater would be March 5, 6, 7.  Flowers and crackerjacks will be given at the door and door prizes will also be given.

February 7, 1974 – The sale of the Theater is proceeding. A resolution is being drawn up by Lion Bremer. (GT - You can find a little Ford Theater cinema history at http://cinematreasures.org/theater/30443/ )