Fellow Lions of Waterford:  I need to share some of my excitement about events the Waterford Lions have planned for this summer and fall.  We are in the planning stage for a number of events that will keep ups busy as well as bring in revenue to put back into the community.

First off will be the Waterford area Chamber of Commerce Home and Commerce Show March 3rd at the High School.  The Waterford Lions will of course have a booth along with other service organizations and town and village departments.  We will all be in the “volunteer” hallway to promote volunteering in the Waterford Community.  We are still in need of help to set up the show as wwell as staff the Lions booth so if you have some time to give contact me by e-mail or phone.  The H&C show promises to be a fun and worthy day.

Plans are moving along for our annual 4th fo July parade and celebration.  This is a large undertaking and requires many hands to plan and organize.  This year we are hopefully going to be manufacturing and selling commemorative duck pins so there will be calls for more help for that.  Again you can contact me or the 4th of July committee members in your members handbook.

Shortly after that will be our annual Car Show.  In conjunction with the Hot Air Balloon Fest sponsored by the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce, July 21st promises to be another exciting day in our community.  The Waterford Lions and Chamber of Commerce work well together and support each other in events throughout the year.  Last year the Balloonfest / Car Show / Brewfest was a huge success.  Contact the Car Show committee Chairperson, Lion Carl Hinrics or anyone on the committee if you would like to help out there.

It’s still a little early to do much planning for the fall Chicken BBQ, other than discussing charcoal at every meeting thanks to Lion Bob O.  Seriously the way things go around here it will be here before we know it.

At our March 8th member meeting we will be taking nominations from the floor for the 2012 – 2013 Waterford Lions Board of Directors.  We will be filling vacancies for 3rd VP, Treasurer, Tail Twister, Lion Tamer and 2 – 2 year directors.  Our VP’s Lions Tim and Mike C. are the committee for this.  If you are interested in running for any of these positions let them know.

All for now,

Lion / President Bob Brandow