Presidents Message April 2012

Greetings all Waterford Lions:

         Our members meeting on 3/8/2012 was a very busy meeting. Twenty one members and three guests were present. A number of Issues were discussed and acted upon.

    Guest Christina Converset gave us a presentation on the T.E.A.M. program at Waterford H.S. In particular Christina is looking for financial support for the Code of Conduct initiative. The Social needs and Budget committees have met on this and will address the next board meeting with their request.

     Lion Region Chair Mike Crowe installed our newest member, Lion Russ Robers. Welcome to Lion Russ and his skills and energy as well.

   The 4th annual Waterford Lions car show was reported on by chair Lion Carl. He reported sponsor letters are going well for the awards classes. At the board meeting on 3/22 he further reported that only one class was available for sponsorship. I would encourage all committee members to keep soliciting for Raffle items,door prizes, and goody bag items as well as another major sponsor. The leg work we do now will reap rewards later and insure a successful car show. I would encourage our new members to become involved in this event if their interests are there.

    The Website was reported on by Lion Mike Ciezke. Lion Mike has been working hard on this for some time now. Most all of our events are listed there now with links to more information, like the car show. Lion Mike is always looking for assistance on the website so if you have interests and or skills in that direction contact him.

     Scholarship Committee;  Thank you to Lion Scott Slauson for chairing this committee. He and his committee members will be working with the H.S. to come up with their selections.

    Officer nominations for 2012-2013 Lions year;

    2 Vp positions to fill (Lion Ken Morgan stepping down)  

    Lion Ted Cain,Lion Carl Hinrichs

    Treasurer:Lion Bill Johnson

    Tail Twister: Lion Dale Rogahn,Lion Russ Robers

    Lion Tamer: Lion Marlene Carew

    2-year directors (need 2)      Lion Roy Kenast,Lion Russ Robers,Lion Bob leverenz,Lion Scott Scheu,Lion Verna Acker,Lion Bob O’Connell

Further nominations and voting will take place at our april member meeting on 3/12 at Chances.

   4th of July committee report:  All is going well with theme to be decided and posters developed. There will be a sub-committee to handle raffles. Lions Ted Cain and Tim Raasch will head that up. This is a big event ,these committees will be looking for help. Also we will be building 2500 commemoritive duck pins to sell.

   Lion Roy Kenast has asked the board and given approval to look into a new initiative/fundraiser for 2013, a motorcycle ride. I will be working with Lion Roy on this. As always everyone is encouraged to join in.

All for now,

Lion/president Bob Brandow