President’s Message (July 2012)

Greetings Fellow Waterford Lions;

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing President, Lion Bob Brandow, along with all of our outgoing board members, for a fantastic year of Lionism in Waterford!  As a club we have truly been blessed with great people who come together, pitch in and make things happen for our club and more importantly for our community.  Our club has seen great success and growth over the past 12 months and I hope that we can keep the momentum going far into the future.

That being said, we have lots of work to do and a bulk of that is coming up very quickly.  If you find this newsletter before the 4th, you know we’ve got a busy day ahead with the Parade and Great Duck Raffle (perhaps you’re reading this after the 4th with your sore feet up and a cold beverage in your hand; you’ve earned it).  Our Car Show, Balloon Fest Food Sales and Brewfest will keep us all busy on the 20th and 21st of July, which will just be a warm up for Bingo at the Racine County Fair July 25th through the 29th.  We then still have our River Rhythms Food Sales to look forward to on August 2nd.

As you can see, it’s going to be a busy, marathon month coming up and there’s no way we could do it without our great group of members, committee members, committee chairs and leaders!  Remember, it’s this hard work and fundraising now that allows us to give back more and more to the community and improve upon our mission to “serve” more and more each year.

I’ll be putting the call out shortly to fill our committee structure and to start work on some new initiatives.  Please consider where your time and talents can best serve the club and the community.

Yours in Lionism

Lion Mike Ciezki

President’s Message (June 2012)

Fellow Waterford Lions;

This being my last president's message I would like to address tow main themes: The past and the future.  Now reflection on the past is not a bad thing, as long as you don't dwell on the past.  I am only speaking of the last year in this particular instance, my year as your president.  Our club prospered during this last year, monetarily as well as membership.  We had a very successful 4th of July, sold lots of raffle tickets and I believe we had a record number of folks in attendance to watch.  Our 3rd Car Show, 1st at Fox River in conjunction with the Balloon Fest and Brewfest was equally successful.  Chicken BBQ, same thing.  My point is this doesn't happen by chance, only by a lot of hard work and diligence by a lot of Waterford Lions.  It takes a system of committees, chairs and members to make it all work.  It takes a board of directors that not only talks, but walks, as well to be successful.  All of you made my position in the club a lot easier and gave us the opportunity to succeed.  I know you will support incoming president Lion Mike Ciezki in the same way.

June 14 we will be gathering at Marty's for our members meeting and installation of officers for the 2012 - 2013 year.  DG Rick Steinberg will be in attendance to perform the ceremony as well as to induct our newest member, Ray Jones.  Thanks to Lion Gary for adding another member.  This is a special night, we usually bring our spouses and or other friends with us to join in the festivities.

May 30 I attended awards night at WUHS to present our scholarship letters to our 6 selections.  The graduating seniors receiving $500.00 scholarships were: Amanda Borkowski, Jacob Kempken, Jessica Rick, Matthew Bartling, Abbey Schneider and Lislie Pierce.  They were very thankful and excited to receive the awards.  Thanks go out to Lion Scott Slauson and his scholarship committee for a job well done.

All for now...Seen you on the 14th

All for now.

Lion Bob Brandow