I can’t believe how fast the year is flying past, the kids are going back to school and fall colors are right around the corner!  I’m sure the fact that we have been so busy this summer has made it go even faster.

I was extremely happy to see the great turnout for our member / volunteer appreciation dinner on August 23rd.  If you weren’t able to attend you missed some great steaks, sides, beverages and bingo.  Be sure to check our facebook page for pics of the “chef” in his uniform!  Whether you were able to join us or not; Thank You to all of our members and volunteers!  Without all of your hard work and the time you dedicate to Lionism, our club would not be as big an asset to our community.

Accompanying your newsletter this month is a list of committees and chairpersons for the 2012 – 2013 year.  Please check to see that you are listed in all the right places.  If you would like to be added to a committee, please contact the chairperson or I and we’ll add you to the list.  It’s my vision that our committees will play an even bigger role in the club this year than in the past.  I am encouraging our committee chairs to hold regular meetings, as the work load of their committee dictates.  I am also hoping that a majority of our club’s planning, event details and “busy work” will take place within the committees and that we can have summaries presented at the general and board meetings.  Of course, there will still be things that need to be voted on by the board and / or the membership, but I hope this will streamline things and leave more time for fun at the meetings, rather than dragging on with event details that could be sorted out in committee.

On that note, the Chicken BBQ is right around the corner, along with our new monthly bingo event at Whitford park, the fall highway pick up, Love Inc. toy run, Love Inc. Santa’s workshop, development and passage of our budget, and a number of other events.  Let’s not forget our ongoing social needs, PR, new initiatives and other club business!  Help those committees with their planning.


Thank you all and God Bless,

Lion Mike Ciezki