July 4th Parade Registration Form – Liberty for All!

Parade Registration Form

Remodeling is better than modeling


Enjoying some planning time while contemplating the next stage of remodeling - Ray Siedel Building (Whitford Park)

July 4th 5k run

Pre register and save $5, River City Entry - FINAL

July 4th Parade

IMG_1346Come enjoy the parade, we will be serving food at Moz old location, please don't set up your chairs before June 28th as there may be some inclimate weather coming.

July 4th the Ducks return to Waterford

Controversy, Confusion and Conspiracy have kept the ducks out of Waterford for too long, after the awesome parade, over 3,000 (if we sell out) will be racing to the PVC chute at Ten Club Park, first three ducks pay out $400 each, the next 9 pay out $100 each.

Pins will be available at Patriot Financial, In-Home Floor & Window, Cotton Exchange and River City Lanes.  Pins may also be purchased on July 4th from a Lions Club of Waterford Member, they're pictured below along with the other Parade sponsors...aBar-Pin

7/17 is the start of the Balloon Festival in 2015

We will be there cookin, come by for some corn and be thankful you don't need tickets to buy food!  We have Russ & Tim at the grill and Meghan (aqua shirt in pic below) and her husband Matt helping implement a stellar food supply system..._DSC1372 _DSC1380

Racine County Fair – Bingo Barn

_DSC4968A couple years ago, we were asked if we'd like to run Bingo at the fair - we said yes enthusiastically.  Thankfully the enthusiasm has carried us through the last couple years there, it kinda wears on you, giving over $4,200 in prizes out in four days!  Seriously come join us, if we remember to order them, there will be pull tabs available also.   Oh, the best part is when the Fair Royalty comes by for the biggest payout percentage in history!


9/13/2015 is going to be our best Car Show ever!

I know it's only our second one at this venue - But it's the Cotton Exchange!  Same day registration is under one hundred bucks!_DSC1515

9/17/2016 Could be the day that we host the Skate Party

03986Object is to bring a perishable item for free admission to Roller Skate!  The perishable items are added to the donations we make to local food banks.  Party limited to 2,600 students only


Time to clean up a little 9/19/2016

From hwy D to Kramer road we pick up the mess at least two times a year, send us your 14+ year olds and we'll put them with a couple others to keep hwy 36 looking good.


DISCLAIMER: If they walk with O'Connell, they may be exposed to some lame (but harmless) Ole & Lena jokes.



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