Four Lions for Four Hours

One of the auction items this year at Love Inc.'s Friday Night Lights was call 4 Lions for 4 hours, the highest bidder gets to rent some of our Members out for manual labor.  Today we had 10 show up and made quick work of mulch moving for a beautiful estate south of Burlington.

Great turn out on great day...actually 10


Lions Club senior members clean up 36

Highway Pickup May2016

Some of our senior Club Members and current President picked up a record 28 bags on hwy 36.  Our Club is diligent about keeping hwy 36 cleaned up (from hwy D on the south to Kramer Rd on the north).  We clean the outside ditches - the county cleans the median.  We'd like to thank Tim Raasch for coordinating the effort - he was called in to the office last minute so we prepared a collection of treasures we found to be presented to him at the next board meeting.

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Free-for-all @ Waterford Town Park

Joint effort of the Tichigan & Waterford Lions had another great year!  Although the Fire Dept. had a call in the middle - they were able to return and meet, greet and display their equipment - already planning next year!

Red Power Roundup

What a great event - and a great group of people!  Although we kept a few people waiting for the Chicken - they were patient and the chicken was awesome!

Gary Tilleros, President Ray Jones and 3rd VP Scott Gunderson got 20+ Members & Spouses to server 400+ Chicken Dinners (can't forget to mention the great Grounds Staff at the Fairgrounds too).  Very memorable event - great event staff and 'salt of the earth' spectators!









Fluegge 30th Anniversary/Customer Appreciation Party

The Fluegge Crew hosted a great celebration on Saturday - Their 30th Anniversary/Customer Appreciation party! Lots and lots and lots of prizes! We were able to use get delivery and 'cure' the new grill they helped us acquire this year. It is truly an amazing piece of cooking equipment - it will serve many meals in the coming years and we are blown away by the generosity of Fluegge Optical and C2-R Global, mfg. to help us.


Ted, Tim & Russ with the maiden Hamburger, Hot Dog cookin'











Also, Duke & Bob O

Also, Duke & Bob O


Wind Lake Car Show

Although we had heavy early rain, some great cars showed up - and some great people, although we temp tested every bird - the new grill had a smokier than expected style & flavor.  Thankful to be a part of the show and happy the weather turned nice.

Racine County Fair Bingo Barn

Come out and join us at the Fair - Starting July 27th! Bingo starting at 6:15pm weekdays and noon:15 Saturday and Sunday, last games at 8:15pm weekdays, 8:15pm Saturday and the final game at 4:15pm on Sunday