November 6, 1975 Board Meeting Minutes – Lion Mehring reported on the metal letters that will be attached to the three new village entrance signs. The cost of the lettering will be $727.84 and they were approved for purchase. A work session will be held on Saturday to install the wire mesh on the sign and volunteers are needed.

November 6, 1975 Board Meeting Minutes – Lion Beck indicated he will proceed to make arrangements for the 15th Anniversary to be held on January 31st at the Linden Terrace in East Troy.

January 8, 1976 Board Meeting Minutes – Lion Seidel reported the village sign on Highway 20 had been struck by a motorist and the bricks will need to be replaced at a cost of $100. The frame did not seem to be sprung. However, the footings may need to be replaced. There is a meeting scheduled with the driver to discuss payment of the repairs.

March 11, 1976 Board Meeting Minutes – Lion Shecterle moved and Lion Herb Gauger seconded a motion to send $50 to LIF earmarked for the Guatemala Earthquake Fund, Motion passed. It was also decided to send $50 to CARE since it was already in the budget.

June 3, 1976 Board Meeting Minutes – Lion Dennis Gauger reported on the Chicken BBQ. 103 Cases of Pabst can beer have been purchased for $5.20 a case and it will be sold for $.50 a can.

June 3, 1976 Board Meeting Minutes – It was moved by Lion Shecterle and seconded by Lion Herb Gauger that Lion Young be appointed as chairman of the Ray Seidel District Governor Campaign Committee, motion passed.

Lion Gary Tilleros

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