December 7, 1967 Board Meeting Minutes – Discussed putting a car on the ice again this year. A little over $200 profit was realized last year. Permission has been requested from the Cons. Dept. by Lion Glenn. No answer to date.

May 2, 1968 Board Meeting Minutes – 27 of 41 members have paid their dues. Delinquent members will be rebilled.

June 3, 1968 Board Meeting Minutes – Corn Raising: Lion Hanson reported that the corn needs hoeing. July 8, 1968 Board Meeting Minutes – Motion made by Lion Hense that in lieu of a family picnic, the club should hold a barbecue on Fox Isle and roast our own corn. Seconded by Lion Howell, Motion carried.

October 4, 1968 Board Meeting Minutes – A motion was made to drop the “Car through the Ice Contest”. Seconded by Lion Hanson, Motion carried.

February 3, 1969 Board Meeting Minutes – The date for the rummage sale was tentatively set for May 11, 1969. It will be held on Fox Isle. Decided to hold the event from 10:00 am until dark.

Lions President Gary Tilleros

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