A friend asked me the other day, what is it really like to be a Lion? Now you see I was trying to get him to come to a meeting in hopes he would join our service.  I said its usually rewarding, sometimes joyful and occasionally frustrating.  When I think about the fundraising events we have done, the community concerns we have addressed, the folks in need we have helped, the charities we have supported, i say it's prety impressive.  That's just in my 10 years as a Lion.  How about the members who have served for 20 or 30 years?  Service never stops but then neither does the rewards.

April was another busy month for the Waterford Lions.  Here are some of the items.

We had our semi-annual free skate party.  200 kids participated and 9 crates of food was donated to Love Inc.  Thanks to Lion Carl for organizing this event and all the Lions who helped.

The board voted in a memorial for Lion Carr.  A $500.00 brick with Lion / Lioness Bob and Judy Carr was decided on to be displayed at Lions Camp.

The theme for the 4th of July parade will be "America Rocks".  Raffle tickets will be distributed at the May 10 meeting, with commemorative Duck Pins made available shortly.

The club voted to sponsor 2 teams for the Waterford Youth Baseball Softball organization.  We also renewed our signage at Whitford Park.

We are still looking for support for our Car Show.  We need goody bag items, door prizes, raffle items and we are still looking for sponsorships for the Best of Show award.  The next meeting for he car show committee will be at 6pm on May 10 before our May membership meeting.

All for now.

Lion Bob Brandow