This year our club will be electing a 3rd Vice President, Secretary, Two 2-Year Directors, Tail Twister, and Lion Tamer. In following the Lions Club International by-laws for local clubs, I have appointed our three current Vice Presidents, Lions Brandow, Ciezki and Morgan to serve on a nominating committee. They are developing a slate of candidates that will be presented to the membership at our March 10th meeting. At that meeting we will also take nominations from the floor and close the nominations. The names of the candidates will be distributed to the membership by March 30th and voting will occur at the April 14th membership meeting

I would encourage anyone that is interested in serving in one of the above offices to contact Lion Brandow. Regarding these positions, I feel it is important for officers elected to make a sincere effort to attend most meetings. I recognize that periodically all club members find themselves unable to attend meeting. However, that should be an exception versus the rule while serving as an officer.

Lion President, Gary Tilleros

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