Forty minutes earlier, this area looked like the deck of a ship on 'Deadliest Catch', Matt, Scott, Kent, Pooch, Russ, Carl, Larry, Bill & Ted secured the entire grill, food prep and service area thru an incredibly powerful storm, we re-lit the warming grill and were ready to serve for one of the most beautiful BalloonFest afternoons in years.

Multiple Lions with incredibly inaccurate cell phone apps convinced us it was just going to 'blow over', well it did, lots of ez ups blew over too - the one by stage was sailing in the wind, tethered by a rope on one corner.  As other canopies were flipped over and crushed with horizontal rain, we were ready to bail into the 'burban - everyone was to let go at once.  We could somewhat hear each other but could rarely see each other.  Pooch yelled - if that big trash bin starts cartwheeling east, we're bailing!  Then he said 'If it starts to get real quiet or calm - everyone in the 'burban!'

Well, it never got calm and the trash bin never moved so we hung on with both hands and 'rode it out', great to feel like 'the last man standing' even if I spent most of the time positioning the vehicle and laughing at the lunacy.

Great storm, great group, great work.




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